For a large majority of growth-stage companies, the process of securing growth capital on reasonable terms in reasonable timelines is broken.

In addition to demanding a material ownership stake in your company, equity investors typically also require a liquidation preference, a governance role and redemption rights.

The equity due diligence process can run on for months with no certainty around your ability to close on funding and the more value you create, the more you hand over to your equity investor.

At the other end of the spectrum, banks and debt providers can be equally challenging to work with if your business doesn't have a traditional collateral profile, compliant financial metrics or an institutional equity sponsor.

Banks and other debt providers often require personal guarantees or provide only limited, short-term financing solutions that don't allow a company to make longer-term, equity-like investments in its business.

We think you deserve better.




Decathlon’s revenue funding solutions provide growth-oriented companies with the capital they need to reach their full potential.

By agreeing to repay a modest, fixed percentage of future monthly revenues towards the satisfaction of a pre-agreed return target, a company is able to access growth capital without the limitations of debt or the high-cost of equity.

As the country's leading revenue funding investor, Decathlon works with dozens of companies each year to help them accelerate growth and create value.

We're active in all geographic markets in the U.S. and Canada and support businesses in a wide range of industries and vertical markets.


Decathlon's revenue funding solutions offer a range of compelling benefits

  • No dilution for company stakeholders and no requirement for warrants.

    Keep all the value you create.

  • No conversion rights, redemption rights or governance requirements that could alter your control of the business.

    It's your company and it should stay that way.

  • No unsolicited involvement in your company's operations or on your Board.

    We provide help and advice when you want it and silent support when you don't.

  • No personal guarantee or stock-pledge requirements.

    Keep your personal and commercial interests separate.

  • No requirement to maintain certain financial ratios or operate your business around pre-set financial parameters.

    Retain your ability to make sound operating decisions without any loss of agility due to financial covenant constraints.

  • No facility fees or other hidden expenses that indirectly increase your cost of capital.

    Benefit from the security of knowing you have access to growth capital without any incremental expense for unused capital.

  • Invest in the long-term growth of your business without any short-term constraints or repayment requirements.

    Create value for your stakeholders by freeing your company from the limitations of funding tied only to your current balance sheet.

  • Avoid wasting time and effort on unstructured equity fundraising discussions with ambiguous timelines.

    Benefit from a crisp process with concrete feedback, transparent terms and clear visibility on your path to closed funding.



Grow. Smarter.

Decathlon provides revenue-based funding to established, growth-oriented companies. If your company has annual revenues of $3 million to $75 million and you are seeking capital to fund growth, operational enhancements, acquisitions or a management buyout, we'd like to talk.